Healing for broken families through prayer

By praying, you can become closer to Jesus and the Virgin Mary for the sake of growing closer to Him. If you are dealing with difficulties at home or are recovering from things that occurred years ago, the help of prayer is indispensable not only for your relationship with God but also for your other relationships and life in general. This blog is designed to help people from broken families grow in prayer – something that can help to improve their lives, improve the lives of those around them, and encourage closeness with God among everybody involved. Our content is open to anybody, and people interested in this topic, people who can help those involved, and friends of people with broken families are especially encouraged to read it as well.

Candlemas and Prayer

First of all, happy Candlemas! Candlemas has traditionally been the final day of the Christmas Season although today there are differences between Calendars in the Catholic Church. In the Old Calendar, it is the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary while, in the New Calendar, it is the Presentation. In both theContinue reading “Candlemas and Prayer”

Advent and Prayer

As we near the end of Advent, it seems like a good idea to look into how to tailor our prayer for Advent to prepare for Christmas as well as we can. Focus on the Blessed Virgin Mary could help a great deal. We could pray the Rosary and meditate on passages of Scripture aboutContinue reading “Advent and Prayer”

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