Marian Devotion as an Opportunity to Love

As we approach the Assumption, it seems helpful to turn our attention to Mary. Marian devotion – devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary – encompasses such a wide range of things. We might wonder how many Marian apparitions there are – Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal… Does anybody know? It can sometimes seem overwhelming to try to keep pace with all of the things that Our Lady asks us to do and incorporate various devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary. However it seems perhaps that the intent of the devotions and requests might not be to overwhelm us. Instead of being overwhelmed, perhaps we should not waste the energy and simply love instead. Maybe we should view Marian devotion as an opportunity to love. Let us not become overwhelmed with our task-lists and turn to Mary’s help to love Jesus.

Of course we should pray the Rosary every day as Our Lady of Fatima requested. There are other devotions as well though. Devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Mary – associated with Our Lady of Sorrows – might help a great deal. People who are suffering might find devotions related to the Seven Sorrows particularly helpful, but anybody might be able to benefit from them. People from broken families might find great consolation in the Rosary and devotions related to the Seven Sorrows, especially due to the suffering that they might be enduring.

The Five First Saturdays devotion associated with Our Lady of Fatima is another opportunity to show God love. We can do this devotion more than once, and it is helpful for allowing us to set aside a significant amount of time to honor Our Lady and devote ourselves to God.

Furthermore there is a devotion to Our Lady of Tears that is fairly recent, a Chaplet of Our Lady of Tears. I have looked into this devotion and have not yet noticed any issue. For more information about this devotion, please visit the following website:

Marian consecration – consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary – is especially helpful for growing in Marian devotion. A common and excellent way of approaching Marian consecration is St. Louis de Montfort’s method, and if somebody is interested in using this method, they might want to find a copy of True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort and read it.

In any case families, broken or not, might benefit greatly from Marian devotion. Family rosaries might help families to maintain peace in the home (even if, on the surface, it might not look like it). For instance if everybody in the family is praying the Rosary for peace, that might help the home to have peace, as well, and even getting a family together to pray the Rosary might promote order in a home that contributes to peace. It might be a good idea to promote Marian consecration in the home too. When children become able to handle it, perhaps they could practice St. Louis de Montfort’s method of total Marian consecration. Perhaps they could practice the Five First Saturdays devotion as well. In addition encouraging the entire family to enroll in the Brown Scapular would help to ensure a lifetime of Marian devotion. The Brown Scapular carries with it a lifetime responsibility to carry the requirements for the Sabbatine privilege (or whatever is being done as a substitute) to fruition. Therefore it helps to keep our commitment to Mary fresh in mind – as a daily Rosary would do as well. Please see this blog post about the Brown Scapular. Encouraging everybody in the family to wear Miraculous Medals might be a good way of trying to encourage Marian devotion as well, even for little ones.

Families should try to foster Marian devotion at a young age to help people have a lifelong commitment to Mary and Marian devotion. That might help with retention of the Catholic Faith, as well, and deeper devotion overall. Furthermore people from broken families should turn to Mary to help with the conversion of their relatives. Praying the Rosary and engaging in various Marian devotions for relatives might help them to convert and even develop a devotion to Our Lady that might help with their salvation.

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